New site locates medical providers who can help with misophonia

Although the current consensus is that misophonia has no known cure, that hasn’t kept people from trying to stop the disorder in its tracks or from trying to find a way to develop coping strategies for those with the condition. As a person with misophonia, I applaud this effort — and now a new website has launched to help people like me find a medical provider in their area.

The site, titled “Misophonia 4s Provider Network USA,” allows those living in the United States to give their contact information to professionals who can help with the symptoms of misophonia. I’ve taken a screen shot of the contact form, where I was asked to provide my first and last name, address, phone number and email. I’ve offered myself up as a guinea pig and submitted my information through the website. I’ll report back on how it turns out. I think somebody from my region will contact me soon about resources in my area.

According to the site, which was launched this summer, it offers “seven regional centers in the USA that specialize in assessing and managing those who suffer from misophonia/4S symptoms. All ages accepted. Sorry, USA only for now.”

If you don’t want to enter your contact information, there is a page on the website that simply lists the regional offices. Some of the professionals are audiologoists, experts specializing in tinnitus (a condition similar to misophonia), as well as ear, nose and throat doctors.

The creators of the site acknowledge recent national news coverage about misophonia and add that there are steps one can take to get a better handle on their misophonia. As someone who has never received help for this often infuriating disorder, I think finally seeking help will be the next step in my journey. Stay tuned.


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  1. Holy cow! People like me! My brother and my daughter (two weeks apart in age) still tell everybody about all the times I made them spit out their gum. They talk about me making them stop tapping their pencils and clicking their pens. Eating with their mouths open drove me crazy!!!!!!!!! The noise of it is so distracting! I cannot think of anything else when those sounds abound! I want to make holes in the wall. When I was married to a man who chomped his food, I had to go into another room, which infuriated him. I was very honest about the reasoning, but he took it as a put-down and pouted for days. We didn’t last long. I do have two autistic children, though, and have some other autistic traits (Asperger’s more likely). My son is classically autistic and my daughter is diagnosed with Asperger’s. I am 61 have been sensitive (extremely) to noises since I was a child. Have not heard of this condition until today! I imagine there are many sounds included within this ‘condition’.

  2. I’m wondering if anyone has actually had any success with these “specialists”? They all seem to be audiologists and I know my hearing is fine but this seems to be a neurological condition. I just called to speak with one and they wanted some really personal info to get the doc to call me back–address and date of birth–not necessary for a call back! Needless to say, I am super skeptical.

  3. Aloha! I am seeking assistance with finding a doctor on Maui or Oahu that can help me with the treatment of misophonia. It is becoming more and more difficult to cope with as time goes bye. If anyone can help, please email me at

  4. So grateful for all of you. I cannot believe that I am not alone and this is not some mutant flaw that only I have. Thank you!

  5. Hi! After seeing the 20/20 episode, I feel like a whole new person! It is comforting to know that I am not crazy, and that there are others out there who are struggling to cope with this on a daily basis. I’ve recently had to switch desks at my job, and now I sit face-to-face with a gum smacker and a gum snapper. Two totally different things for me as this is by far my biggest trigger. Anyway, without getting permission, I brought my iPod to work, and was told after about two weeks that I can no longer use it at my desk. I explained why I was doing it, and they suggested talking to the individuals. I cannot bring myself to do so. I enjoy working with these ladies, and do not want to create any hard feelings. So, I started reading EVERYTHING I could on Misophonia, found that there is an office in Edina, MN that is familiar with it, however, it is Private Pay only, and my first appt. will cost $295 plus tax. I am crossing my fingers that it will be worth it! I am Scheduled August 7th!

  6. Lorraine L Locke | Reply

    Just called the CT office back after leaving a VM last night and was yet again pushed off they never got my VM or if they did never called back. I was told by the woman answering the phones that she only works 5 hours a day because she was in a car accident and that she isn’t in the office to listen to the VM Messages. ??? Umm… I was then told that she is the only one answering phones and to call back later!? I had a glimmer of hope seeing that maybe I could seek treatment within a 6 hour drive but after this I’ll tell people don’t bother calling the CT office.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! Perhaps that is not a very good website for linking us up with providers. I’m sorry to have given you bad information! If you are successful in getting an appointment eventually, let me know. Which office were you trying to call, if you don’t mind me asking?

  7. Lorraine L Locke | Reply

    I just called the CT office on the USA for 4’s website asking if they are taking new patients for people that suffer from 4’s. The woman that answered replied; “whats that”? She then told me to call back later after the phones have switched over to the answering service.

  8. Hello lifewithmisophonia

    Sorry not to have answered earlier – I didn’t find the email alerts option on this site. Think I have now….hopefully.

    I copied this Link to my Actual Posting ‘A List of Triggers’ which lists my actual (and seemingly unique) trigger sounds:

    but don’t know if this’ll work with googling – regretfully Ive found some haven’t. But it is with the very good website:

    Many thanks too for your interesting posting above. I’ll try the other site you mention:

    I certainly share the same angry reactions to trigger sounds that others have mentioned. So far, in all my 56 years on this planet, I’ve never once heard of or met anyone else with my particular triggers.

    It seems like these trigger sounds are considered as totally acceptable by all other people, which makes one feel quite lonely at times. Do you get feelings of aloneness here.?

    1. Thanks for the link to that forum! I hadn’t seen that before. I sometimes have issues with tapping, people stomping around, and some movements. I wonder if the group of triggers are just broader than many people have initially thought. I also used to watch this documentary show called Obsessed, which was about people with OCD. One woman featured on the show had OCD related to certain sounds but it didn’t appear to be misophonia. Or maybe she was just misdiagnosed on the show.

  9. Hi Kate, thanks for sharing your story. I would recommend you check out the group Misophonia UK. They have a section on their website that says it lists doctors who help with misophonia, but I don’t see any listed yet. But, it still might be worth it to check back with the site periodically to see if they’ve updated it — or just get in touch with them directly. Anyway, here’s the site:

    I’m curious what your trigger noises are if they aren’t typical to misophonia. That’s interesting.

  10. As I live in England, I’d love to hear of any sympathetic medical provider in the county of Berkshire southern England.

    I don’t share the same sound-triggers as most Misophonics but I do share the reactions of anger – and the guilt and loneliness of feeling anger at what’s obviously, to most people, completely normal and acceptable habits.

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