Did you watch? Misophonia featured on 20/20 tonight

  1. All right, I just got done watching the 20/20 segment on misophonia. My family and partner watched too. What did you think about their coverage? I made a quick Storify thread about what I saw on Twitter as the segment aired.

    I’ll try to write a post with better analysis of the segment later. If you missed it, you can watch a version of it here. In this version, the trigger sounds have been stripped from the segment.

    First on Twitter, a link is revealed for the show, with the hash tag for the Twitter conversation:

  2. ABC2020
    Do you think you have misophonia? Here are the major symptoms: http://abcn.ws/Ko8JCx #2020MakeItStop
    Fri, May 18 2012 22:20:02
  3. SutherlandPhD
    RT @EVargasABC: So many people seem to relate to those who struggle with misophonia. Very happy to bring awareness to this impt condition #2020MakeItStop
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:20:30
  4. Several people react with happiness that the show is spotlighting their condition. Others are realizing that their personal hell has a name.
  5. LouTomsAndSwag
    @chrystallclearr omg I just read the symptoms for this and it described me exactly like spot on I think I have this omg http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misophonia#section_
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:06:28
  6. starkidriddle
    Apparently I have misophonia. Didn’t know until today. #2020MakeItStop
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:29:20
  7. missodessa
    watching 20/20 & I forreal think I have misophonia hatred of certain noises eating, smacking, breathing heavy, coughing & certain ppls voice
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:25:11
  8. Joejoelle
    Thank you, 20/20. Thank you so much for doing an episode on misophonia. No one takes it seriously and it’s so frustrating and I hate it.
    Sat, May 19 2012 00:49:53
  9. DanJohnsoninc
    @KellyRipa: Wow! The Misophonia piece was a HUGE eye opener! I just thought it was my OCD. THX! (Don’t listen to the Kit Kat commercial. 😉
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:23:11
  10. berrydelicious
    Yes! I hate the sound of chewing, sniffling, and coughing!!! #2020MakeItStop I’m so glad 20/20 is doing a segment on misophonia.
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:05:46
  11. neurp
    omg, i have misophonia. seriously. a very mild case. but mouth noises really freak me out. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misophonia #2020makeitstop
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:17:09
  12. Others are shocked at the existence of the condition. Some doubt it exists or think that everyone has the condition.
  13. KellieKells86
    I’m bored….. Watching 20/20 this shit suuuuper cray! People with misophonia. Wooooooooow
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:07:18
  14. AshRagutero
    Omg @ this episode of 20/20. I feel so bad for these people’s friends and families. #Misophonia #2020MakeItStop #2020
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:19:13
  15. JennsAdventures
    Watching Medical Mysteries on #abc — I’m going to diagnose EVERYONE w/Misophonia. Google it. We all suffer from it to some degree!
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:26:50
  16. aeiouandalsoy
    I think this girl is bull shitting. She says she has misophonia and that One Direction is the only thing that makes her feel normal -_-“
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:08:41
  17. juliedemdam
    Misophonia and Pica. I’m all types of baffled
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:09:15
  18. pdxali
    #2020MakeItStop is .. interesting. I’d never heard of this before. #misophonia
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:09:34
  19. DAElaSOUL
    I have misophonia… I hate the sound of stupidity leaving a person’s mouth.
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:20:34
  20. karvisais
    Your lesson for today: Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound,” is a form of decreased sound tolerance. It is a… http://fb.me/1DCFibbxC
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:21:47
  21. Other notable tweets sent out as the segment aired. The misophonia segment was followed by a segment on a condition called Pica, in which people are compelled to eat objects such as rocks.
  22. CaptainDMo
    Wonder what the misophonia people would do about this lady eatin rocks #2020makeitstop
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:29:10
  23. eLmONd310
    #2020makeitstop y would they put a person that eats rocks don’t they know I just found out I have misophonia
    Sat, May 19 2012 01:28:47

9 responses

  1. Hello GoatLogic,

    Would you be willing to share the type of Chinese herbal tea you use.
    I would appreciate it greatly.

    Take care,

    1. Jim,

      The Chinese Tea is called Jia Wei Xiao Yao San. It’s has to be ordered by a TCM doctor. Understanding the misophonia disorder and how it has to do with an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems will help your TCM customize the teas formula. Misophonia is much like PTSD in the fact that any particular sound will send one into the fight or flight stage. Acupuncture can also help return the bodies balance between those 2 systems so that one can live in the rest & digest stage rather than the fight or flight stage.

      1. GoatLogic,

        I sincerely appreciate the information, insight and your time. I will pursue these methods of balancing the systems diligently and hope to enhance my quality of life.

        Again appreciated,

  2. I left this comment on another post and why western medicine has wonderful medical diagnostic equipment their treatments often treat the symptoms rather than the problem.

    After 10 years of dealing with this issue I’ve been given my life back. By chance a childhood friend of mine is a Chinese Physician. We sat and talked and he recommended several things to do.

    1. He recommended a Chinese herbal tea. I drank the tea twice a day for a little over a month before I began noticing the misophonia symptoms subsiding. I now drink the tea just twice a week.

    2. He recommended the addition of Kefir milk to my daily diet. The Kefir grains thrive on all the bad stuffing milk while adding good bacteria and good enzymes to the milk. I use it in a smoothie daily which brings the nutrition from what you normally eat from 20% to over 90%. In this post I don’t have time to explain the science behind it but it works well.

    My daughter who is 2 yrs old I’ve noticed had the same sound issue I had. So I started her on the Kefir milk daily as well. Within a week she eats less because she’s getting more nutrition from her food and the symptoms of misophonia have subsided for her as well.

    My son age 7 who has had 3 sets of tubes in his ears and chronic sinus infections started drinking the Kefir milk daily as well. He’s been sinus and respiratory infection free for almost 7 months.

    If you want more details reply to post and I’ll get you my email info.

    This past weekend I was able to take my dad (Friday March 29th, and my son Sunday March 31st) to the NCAA Tournament basketball games held at the Cowboy Stadium. Anyone who has suffered from misophonia would agree that this cannot happen unless one is truly symptom free from the disease.

    Their is a solution to this disease. You don’t have to live in fear of sound.

    1. Dear GoatLogic,
      My husband suffers from Misophonia as well and would be interested in trying the Chinese herbal tea that you say helped you. He would also like to try using the Kefir as well. Will you PLEASE contact me with details about what the tea is, where to buy it, how to use it, and the same with the Kefir. We would very much appreciate any information that you have as we are considering starting a family and are concerned about the implications that Misophonia will have on his quality of life and that of our future children. Thanks so much!

  3. I am very comforted by the growing information about misophoni. I have been dealing with this disorder in my daughter for several years. I am her trigger person, and it is very difficult, to say the least, to find medical proffesionals to take us seriously. I pray that more and more research is done so that one day my daughter and I can have a normal conversation. Keep talkin about it! Let us get the word out!

  4. If you or your family member has Misophonia, please come join the Google Misophonia discussion group at http://groups.google.com/group/misophonia-support where we talk about all treatment options.

  5. Yeah, it sounds like you do. I’m not a medical expert, but I have misophonia, and it sounds like you have the classic signs.

  6. I’m afraid I might have misophonia. I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you this, I get so angry at people for chewing food. Or when I hear someone touch their silverware to their teeth, I get so mad. When someone smacks the food in their mouth,I could slap them. Do I have misophonia?

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