Next Misophonia conference is mid-October in Florida

The second-ever Misophonia Association conference will be in Orlando, Florida this year, and organizers say it will likely take place October 10-11.

I can’t attend this year, but I had the privilege of going to the first-ever Misophonia Association conference last year in Portland. I found it extremely beneficial to learn from the specialists of varying backgrounds about what they think might be causing Misophonia and how they are helping patients find relief.

Of course, nobody has all the answers about Misophonia, and there is no silver-bullet cure. But it’s nice to see the commitment of some specialists who are trying to help Misophonia patients. It also was a very supportive environment, and it was pretty amazing to meet and talk to other people with the condition.

Here are the details about this year’s conference, including a registration page. I believe the registration fee is $125 per person, but that the conference is free for ages 16 and younger.

Also, here’s the post I wrote about last year’s conference. It looks like this year’s lineup of speakers will be similar to those who spoke last year.

2 thoughts on “Next Misophonia conference is mid-October in Florida

  1. I saw a definition of this on fb and it was made to be a joke. ive had this for as long as I can remember and I feel horrible for the people around me. I get so angry that I want to cry because I know rage isn’t appropriate way to react to someone who isn’t doing anything wrong. I remember telling family members or friends how upsetting it made me and it was laughed at and they would intentionally do it to upset me.
    I wish family and friends were open to learning about this. its not an excuse thing or their fault just would be nice if when I leave the room to avoid the trigger, they wouldn’t get angry about it.

  2. You are terrific. Thank you for explaining Misophonia so clearly. Your contributions are easy to read and truly helpful!!! My14 year old suffers terribly. It’s nice to read a post by someone so encouraging. 🙂 bless you.

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