ASMR: the opposite of Misophonia?

A while back, I was listening to a National Public Radio program, and the hosts began talking about a condition called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (or ASMR). As I listened, some things started to sound oddly familiar. People with ASMR respond differently than the average person when they hear certain sounds, such as the soundsContinue reading “ASMR: the opposite of Misophonia?”

Thoughts on the 20/20 segment on misophonia

A few weeks have passed since the misophonia segment aired on 20/20, and I have been reflecting on the episode. Overall, I thought it was thorough and accurate, but I always think there could be room for improvement when it comes to media coverageĀ of this condition. Because we don’t get much coverage, it’s crucial forContinue reading “Thoughts on the 20/20 segment on misophonia”

Did you watch? Misophonia featured on 20/20 tonight

All right, I just got done watching the 20/20 segment on misophonia. My family and partner watched too. What did you think about their coverage? I made a quick Storify thread about what I saw on Twitter as the segment aired. I’ll try to write a post with better analysis of the segment later. IfContinue reading “Did you watch? Misophonia featured on 20/20 tonight”

Ordering earplugs, the Today Show covers misophonia, and more

I ordered some musicians earplugs online yesterday in the hopes that they will be more effective than the foam earplugs I currently use at work. Someone suggested musician earplugs in the comment thread to the New York Times article earlier this week about misophonia. I should get the earplugs in the mail this week, andContinue reading “Ordering earplugs, the Today Show covers misophonia, and more”

The New York Times writes article about misophonia

Great news! One of the largest and most reputable newspapers in the world, the New York Times, wrote a story yesterday about misophonia. I’m posting the photo used with the column because I like the way the art expresses this condition. I recently wrote about why awareness of misophonia is so important to people whoContinue reading “The New York Times writes article about misophonia”